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openCanvas is a popular computer graphics software program created by Portalgraphics. It was specifically designed for use with pressure-sensitive drawing tablets; it is a sketch program rather than a general-purpose graphic design program.

It was originally released as freeware, but the authors moved to a demo/retail model starting with version 2.
openCancas 1.1 b72, the last free version, is available to download on this page.


Two languages were supported in this version: Japanese and English. However, the english version was far from polished, so I modified the program to make it more pleasant to English speaking users. Well, at least I tried to do so, not being a native English speaker myself ;)

My main concern was the menus. Here is a glimpse of what I have done:





The translation is not exhaustive, some parts still need work (especially the Network section). Maybe I'll translate this later ;)


Download openCanvas here

The original version is also available. Download it here

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  • Unzip the archive to a folder and launch the .exe file.
  • In the last menu on the right, select "English".

English menu


I am not the author of openCanvas.

This program has been made by Portalgraphics. The version 1.1 is no longer supported. I cannot be held responsible for bugs that may affect your computer while using this software.

Before reporting bugs, please try to reproduce them using the original version. If a bug is present in both versions, then I'm not responsible for it.

If you want to learn how to use openCanvas, here's a nice guide.