Safarp 0.5

Uninstall your programs faster with Safarp, a small and fast alternative to the "Add or Remove Programs" applet of the Windows Control Panel.

Plancoin 0.3

Plancoin allows you to hide selected windows in one keypress.
It lets you set up two hot keys: one to hide the windows and show them back, and one to show the Settings window.
The program then runs in the background and responds to the hot keys.

Liboom 0.1

Liboom is a Live Bookmarks Manager. Store your Firefox bookmarks online and access them from anywhere.

ShideWin 1.1

ShideWin allows you to show or hide the windows of your desktop.

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Generate map images with Google Maps Assembler.

Plancoin 0.3 has been released. Can now mute sound.

Plancoin 0.2 has been released. Some bugs fixed.

Liboom 0.1 has been released. Access your Firefox bookmarks from anywhere.

WisSaver 0.1 has been released. Display your wallpaper as a screen saver.


Other products

openCanvas 1.1
English version of the art program by Portalgraphics.

Google Maps Assembler
Assemble Google Maps tiles into one single image.

WisSaver 0.1
Display your wallpaper as a screen saver.

LockWS 1.0
Lock your computer in one click. 0.1
A PHP script that allow different sorting methods for your RSS feeds.