Settings window

Settings window

Windows titles

Select the mode from the list box: either the windows containing one of the sentences (Include mode), or the ones who does not contain any of the sentences (Exclude mode).

Type the sentences in the text box. Each sentence must be on a different line. Hit Enter to separate lines.

Hot keys

In this box you can set up the two Plancoin hot keys. Click on a text box and press the desired key combination. The result will be displayed in the text box.

If you forget the hot ley thats brings up the Settings dialog, just launch Plancoin again. The second instance will detect the first one and bring it up.


"Run Plancoin on Windows startup" checkbox

Check this box to automatically launch Plancoin when Windows starts.

"Show this dialog on Plancoin startup" checkbox

By default, the Settings window is shown each time Plancoin is started. To hide it automatically, uncheck this box.

"Mute sound when hiding windows" checkbox

When this box is checked, the system sound is set to Mute when the user presses the hotkey to hide windows.

"Hide this dialog" button

When this button is pressed, the Settings dialog is closed, but Plancoin still runs in the background. The hot keys are effective.

"Quit Plancoin" button

When this button is pressed, the Settings dialog is closed and the program exits. It does not run in the background, so the hot keys are not effective anymore.

"Help" button

Brings up this Help. You can also press the F1 key.